One Family, Four College Athletes: Bradford's Shining at Oregon State, SOU

Despite obstacles, the Bradford's freakish family athleticism was always destined for collegiate sports.

Posted: Nov 22, 2018 2:06 PM
Updated: Nov 22, 2018 2:06 PM

CORVALLIS—In a sense, the Bradford’s story is about overcoming obstacles.

Their dad left the family when they were all young, leaving their mother, Gayle Bradford to raise five children as a single parent.

But on this Thanksgiving, it’s also a story of them being exactly where they’re supposed to be.

For Oregon State wide receiver Trevon Bradford, his mom’s fight was instilled in his personality.

"She really pushed us to make our dreams and help our dreams come alive," he said.

Her athletic ability and training regimen produced an entire family of college athletes.

"Growing up she used to wake us up before elementary school at like five in the morning to go work out with her. Run hills, sprints, jump rope, all kinds of stuff," Bradford said.

Trevon’s two older siblings, Tiani and Toria, are actually names the southern Oregon crowd knows well.

From 2013, to 2018, they starred for SOU women’s basketball.

"People know who we are so people are always like, 'Oh hey, how's this sibling doing? How's that sibling doing? Oh I heard this sibling had a great game. So it's always nice to be able to brag about your family in a sense," Toria said.

Teron, Trevon’s younger brother, is now a freshman for the Raider men’s basketball team.

"The way they impacted the girls program, I feel like I have to at least have the same impact or even a greater one for the boys program," he said.

It’s a family of four college athletes. They broke down what they saw in each other’s games starting with the oldest Tiani.

"She’s a nerd on and off the court," Toria said.

"One of the best hustlers and just downright gym rats I've ever seen in my life," Teron said.

"Toria is just fiery like a killer, wants to take your head off," Trevon said.

"On defense she’s all up in your business and way too close personally," Teron said.

“Teron is the complete opposite,” Trevon said. “Really calm, collected, doesn't really show too much emotion, never too high, never too low."

"Unlike the rest of us siblings he never talks crap on the court," Toria said.

As for what to expect in this Friday’s Civil War, from the Division 1 athlete of the group.

"Trevon. Crazy fast," Toria said.

"I don't think people can really guard him one on one," Teron said.

"One thing we used to hate is playing tag because it wasn't fair if he was it because nobody had a chance," Toria said.

"If you let him in the open field he's gone," Teron added.

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