Water levels in Rogue Valley should begin decreasing

Creeks and rivers are nearing flood levels.

Posted: Apr 8, 2019 11:09 PM

ROGUE VALLEY, Ore. -- Water levels in Rogue River are more than double what they normally are this time of year. Heavy rain made the water levels to rise all throughout Monday. Areas of the Rogue River are only inches away from reaching flood zones.

Trees along the TouVelle State Recreation Site normally aren't near the water. Monday, the bases of the trees couldn't even be seen because water levels were double their normal levels. Large debris could be seen floating down the river, even entire trees. 

 "Oh a whole log going by, you can make a canoe out of that," Michael Martin, an Eagle Point resident, said. 

People spent Monday evening driving around looking at water levels througout the valley. Most were in shock to see how high the water is right now. Tom Richardson and his wife saw water rising near their home, so they were curious to see the local creeks and rivers. 

Richardson said, "We just thought let's go take a drive and see what it's doing in the rest of the valley."

He said normally he would take his grandchildren to wade in the Rogue River waters, but he said he wouldn't dare do that right now. 

Antionette Damico and her husband were checking out some of their fishing areas and discovered one area was completely underwater. 

"It kind of goes it starts back there," Damico said, while trying to explain where the island can normally be seen. The water so high, the island is no longer visible. 

Down the road, people gathered to watch the water rushing down Little Butte Creek.

"It's not very little right now," Martin said laughing. 

Martin and his wife come to the creek to set up picnics together, but not Monday night. The water is so high it's flooding the picnic tables and walkways. 

He said this is the worst they have ever seen it. 

"It’s really moving, it doesn’t ever really flow this much," Martin said. 

Hydrologic systems predict the water levels should begin to go down tonight.

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