Talent makes new policy to save bees

It took five years for the IPM policy to get where it is today.

Posted: Apr 3, 2019 6:16 PM

TALENT, Or-- Gerlinde Smith is a certified pollinator gardener in Talent.

She says, "my garden became the first . From there on, it took off. So now to date, this is two years later we have 26."

A pollinator gardener focuses less on the plants and more on the soil and the pollinators. Smith says, "you know most people think of pollinators just as honey bees, but we actually have 500 native pollinators."

Pollinators are also bats, butterflies and hummingbirds. Smith says when we use pesticides, herbicides or insecticides, we are hurting or killing these animals. People in Talent saw this as a problem and wanted to change it.

Jim Thompson is on the Together for Talent committee. She says, "our co-interest has been to protect the habitat pollinators which has become very vital to us and that kind of snowballed into an idea of why don't we make up an IPM, integrated pest management, policy for the city and submit it as citizens."

He said it took five years for the IPM policy to get where it is today. He says, "got congratulations from the council and we just felt very big hearted about it that we did something good as citizens in our community."

The non-synthetic herbicide is made up of citrus oil. So it will kill weeds but won't harm bees and other pollinators. Other cities like Jacksonville and Grants Pass are looking at this new policy as well.

Smith tells me why saving these pollinators is so important. She says, "if we don't save the pollinators our food sources will diminish by at least 1/3."

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