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Swarms of Earthquakes

Our region has seen at least 4 earthquakes in the past week. Newswatch 12 spoke with a geologist at SOU to see if this is normal.

Posted: Sep 20, 2018 6:13 PM

The coast of California and Oregon have many fault lines and plates.

Dr. Charles Lane a professor of geology at Southern Oregon University says "actually a mosaic of broken up pieces in here. Pacific plate going this way, you've got the north American plate going this way and so these things all adjust and readjust and they buckle and they slip and they change a little bit."

It's one of the reasons our region is prone to tremors. Dr. Lane says when we do get a swarm of earthquakes like we have it's normal.

Charles Lane says "So that stress being taken up and released just by some adjustments on the transform fault. It's doing some of this stuff just with the respect to the stuff that's being applied. It's a precursor to bigger faults, almost impossible to say." 

The Klamath Basin is actually one of four high priority monitoring in Oregon.

That's because there are fault lines on both the right and left side.
There are actually multiple fault lines on the east side of the basin.

Charles Lane says "Klamath Basin is in between. Look what's at the very north end of the whole Klamath Basin and that's Crater Lake. "

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