Southern Oregonians Join In 'March for Our Lives' Demonstration

Demonstrators met in Medford and walked to Spiegelberg Stadium hoping to spark a change to gun legislation and put an end to school shootings and gun violence.

Posted: Mar 24, 2018 6:49 PM

MEDFORD, Ore. – Hundreds of Southern Oregonians joined in the national ‘March For Our Lives’ demonstration Saturday. Demonstrators met in Medford and walked to Spiegelberg Stadium hoping to spark a change to gun legislation and put an end to school shootings and gun violence.

“I find [this march] very important especially as a young person to be standing up and know that as a young person I am what makes the future. So I need to be here and support all the other students who have helped and everyone who has been damaged by what's happened,” said 14-year-old Fiona Allen.

It's a march that happened across the United States including Southern Oregon. Each participant at Saturday’s ‘March For Our Lives’ demonstration had their own individual reasons for taking to Medford's sidewalks.

"I'm here because my granddaughter is 9 years old and is afraid to go to school. That’s horrible. This is not right. This should not be happening like this," Cheryl Cayting said holding back tears.

“It is ridiculous that we have to talk to our students about what might happen. That it is realistic fear that somebody might come into our school, which should be a place of safety and learning and curiosity and friendship and figuring things out about life. That we have to tell them what might happen if someone walks in with an assault rifle," said Claire Bloom, who is a teacher.

There was one clear reason that united them all. They all hope this march will help put an end to school shootings and gun violence.
"There have been so many school shootings. I don't like to go to school and feel uncomfortable and feel like my life and my friend’s lives and family lives could be taken next. I just really want to feel safe in this community and this world," 7th grader Vashti Johnson said.

"I think something needs to be done. I think something needed to be done for quite a while. It's definitely more apparent now."
Demonstrators of all ages marched together from the old courthouse down to Spiegelberg Stadium at Central Medford High School, hoping law makers in Oregon and Washington, D.C. will hear them.

"When the leaders of our country are not taking care of our lives and our students’ lives and our friends’ lives then it’s going to be up to us, the kids and the students to change that," said 7th grader Amy Perrin.

Demonstrators believe this march will spark the change they hope to see.

These marchers were met with counter-marchers. A group of people came to the march fighting for their right to bear arms. They argue the US doesn't need stricter gun control laws.

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