Sen. Ron Wyden: Gun Reform Bills are Already Written

Senator Ron Wyden is in Jackson County for a town hall. NewsWatch12's Sionan Barrett asked the senator if congress is moving forwards with gun reform a week after the Florida school shooting.

Posted: Feb. 22, 2018 6:18 PM

MEDFORD, Ore.- Today Senator Ron Wyden visited Medford for his 872nd town hall since taking office. About 200 people braved the snow to get to the meeting including one high school who asked Senator Ron Wyden if he was working on any new legislation after the school shooting killed 17 people last week.

Senator Wyden says he's working to make sure there are loop-hole free background checks that make it harder to get a weapon if you have a history of mental health issues or violence.

Sen. Wyden says, "It really all begins with a background check system that actually works."

One student at South Medford High School came to this afternoon's town hall to ask Senator Wyden to keep him and his classmates safe.

Brian Josephson says, "We need to change because we can't keep going to school with a threat of someone walking into our classrooms and killing our classmates."

Our team spoke with Representative Greg Walden earlier this week. He says he's open to expanding background checks.

Rep. Walden says, "We know and several of these instances have the data been shared people would've been denied the guns that they bought and used to create such awful tragedies said there is more work that needs to be done there and the senate needs to pass the bill we sent them. "

Senator Wyden says he's been ready to vote on common sense gun reform.

Wyden says, "What we need to do is what the young people in Florida have been saying is they can't write the laws that are part of getting this fixed they want the adults to knock it off and take strong stops that ensure young people at schools are safe."

In a statement, Senator Wyden says, "These mass shootings deserve more than thoughts and prayers -- they demand action. While I have always believed in the right of law-abiding citizens to own guns for protection and to hunt, here are four common-sense actions I support in Congress to reduce the gun violence that’s ripping through our schools and our communities:

1) I am co-sponsoring a bill that would ban “bump stocks.”
2) I am co-sponsoring a bill that would require a completed background check to buy a gun.
3) I am co-sponsoring a bill that would repeal existing legislation offering liability protections for the firearm industry.
4) I support federal funding of research into gun violence so it is treated like the true public health crisis it is."

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