Police: Car Thefts Increase As Temperatures Drop

Icy cold mornings are going to be the standard for the next few days. Many will be warming up their cars before taking off.

Posted: Dec 11, 2017 6:47 PM

MEDFORD, Ore. -- 'Tis the season for completely frosted and iced over windshields and, hopefully, waiting until you can actually see out of them.

"We see people all the time driving around and they have just a little tiny spot scraped off where they can barely be able to see," Lt. Justin Ivens with the Medford Police Department said.

Driving around with just that little visibility patch can get you a citation, MPD said. That citation usually comes right after a traffic violation or an accident, all because the driver couldn't properly see out of the half thawed car windshield.

"It is a contributing factor. That's what caused you to not be able to see what you're doing and that will basically be noted in the police report. It can lead to an accident and that's what we're trying to prevent," Ivens added.

But Ivens said warming up your car in the morning is still dangerous.

"We suggest obviously sitting in your car as your car thaws out completely or being right and close proximity to your vehicle to see what's going on," Ivens said.

That's to make sure you're the one driving off in it and not someone else. Ivens said as the temperatures decrease, the number of car thefts increase.

"Criminals are looking for that easy opportunity. There's a running car with the keys in it. You have to be careful," He added.
You can't sit in the car while it’s running, MPD recommends to have two sets of keys: one in the ignition and another to lock the doors until you're ready to take off.

"We'd rather have people scraping their windows than leaving their cars running than the possibility of it being stolen, for sure," said Ivens.

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