Truck drifting in Rogue River

Crews are still searching for a truck that fell into the river on Saturday.

Posted: Apr 7, 2019 10:11 AM
Updated: Apr 7, 2019 6:33 PM


UPDATE: Deputy Ian Lance, Jackson County Sheriff's Office Search & Rescue Marine Division, says, "There is a GMC Sierra that is in the river, there is nobody in it so don't panic, but we are asking for folks to let us know if they happen to spot it."

The truck was in neutral near the Rogue River about a quarter mile above Mac's Diner in Shady Cove. The owner tried to load a lawn mower into the back of the truck and the force pushed the truck and lawn mower into the Rogue River. Now, officials say it's a waiting game until the water levels in the river decrease.

"The Rogue River is extremely high right now," Deputy Lance said. 

After all the rain the area is getting this weekend, water levels are going to get even higher. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Aministration predicts the rain Sunday and Monday will double the water levels.

"That means there's enough water in the river that the truck could go a long ways," Deputy Lance said. 

Officials say the pressure of the increased water levels, could push the truck several miles down the river.

"So it will do what it will do, until it shows back up."

The last time the truck was seen was yesterday. Deputy Lance used a 3D sonar device on his boat in hopes of finding the truck. He said he searched for nearly an hour in the river, but had no luck. Witnesses say they saw the rooftop of the truck and then it quickly fell below the surface of the water and hasn't been seen since.

"It is going to be very, very destroyed wherever it is," Deputy Lance said. 

This area in the rogue river is also a prime salmon habitat. Environmental damage from the gas and oil in the truck and lawn mower is already done. Now officials say the driver might face several fines for the environmental damage. Deputy Lance says he could face thousands in fines because the truck is causing a recovery problem and special machinery might be needed to find the truck.

As water levels decrease, if you happen to be along the Rogue River and notice the truck, officials are asking you to give them a call so they can locate it and begin the recovery process.

UPDATE: A truck is drifting down the Rogue River. Crews say no one is in it though.

Jackson County Fire District Four, the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and Oregon State Police were in the Rogue River yesterday after they got a call about a truck being in the river.

When crews got to the truck no one was in it. Crews could not remove it because of weather conditions.

The GMC Sierra pickup will drift downriver from Shady Cove. Crews say when conditions are better they will pull the it out of the river.

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