Mega Millions Climbs to 1.6 Billion Dollars

People stopped in at the Shell in Ashland today to give their luck a shot at winning the huge jackpot.

Posted: Oct 22, 2018 6:39 PM

Lottery fever seems to be what is going around right now.... The winning jackpot just keeps getting bigger. Right now it's at 1 point 6 billion dollars.

Today people were in and out of the Shell Gas Station in Ashland buying lottery tickets.

Joel Lesahy is one of the many people that bought lottery tickets. He tells me he's buying some because he would rather not continue to work.

The jackpot is so big it can't even fit on the screens at gas stations like this one.

Joel Lesahy says "and three separate tickets for the big drawing on Tuesday."

People like Joel have are shelling two to hundred of dollars hoping to get a chance at the money.

Joel says "I would be happy."

But if you don't win the jackpot those lottery tickets you bought help fund different programs in Oregon. Each state has different programs. For Oregon its state parks, watershed enhancement, job creations, public schools, outdoor schools and veterans services.

Bret Anderson Economic Professor at SOU says "If one were to spend ten dollars on lottery tickets its definitely not a direct transfer to the winner."

But Bret Anderson a Economic Professor at Southern Oregon University says there are downsides to this as well. 

Bret Anderson says"And there's a downside to this too. If lottery revenues are ear marked for education it kind of depends, some states have a history of spending less on education out of their general fund so the lottery revenues off set the general fund spending on education."

I asked lottery player Joel Leashy what the first thing he would buy if he won.

It took him some time to think of something. Anything.

Joel says "clearly a vacation."

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