Medford Police Officer Gives Girl Replacement Bike

Medford Police Officer Gives Girl Replacement Bike

Posted: Nov 15, 2017 12:15 AM

Medford Police deal with a lot of bike theft.

Last year police had reports of nearly 400 bikes stolen.

And there's a close to 90 percent chance you will not get your bike back if it's stolen.

NewsWatch 12's Eliana Sheriff finds out how one Medford Police officer decided to go beyond making a report for one young victim of this crime.

Cadence says, "It really hurt my feelings."

8-year-old Cadence is talking about how she felt when her brand-new bike was stolen two nights ago.

It was a birthday present-- she hadn’t even ridden it yet, and it was tucked away on her porch.

When mom Erin found out her little girl’s bike had been stolen she was heartbroken, and called Medford police to report the crime.

Erin Leigh says, "I let him know that I'm sure you won't be able to get to it. A missing bike isn't on the top of your to do list. But he assured me that they would keep an eye out for it."

Corporal Randy Jewell is the officer who took the call.

He decided after talking the situation over with his wife-- he wasn't going to let this girl's birthday be ruined.

After writing the report he went to Walmart, bought cadence a replacement bike, and less than three hours after mom Erin made the report, corporal Jewell showed up to her doorstep.

Erin Leigh says, "I saw him and he asked me to come outside and I walked outside and he had this bike, I got emotional about it."

Cadence says, "When I did there was this police officer and he gave me this new bike. It made me feel happy, and I really like police officers and I wish I could be one when I grow up because they can protect people and help people."

Medford Police say corporal Jewell did this all on his own, but they say it reflects what’s true for all the men and women in blue.

That a lot of cases they work on they do take home with them.

In this case cadence will still be able to go on that bike ride she's been waiting for, instead of waiting for her stolen bike to turn up.

Erin Leigh says, "It's definitely heartwarming to have a police officer come and bring you something nice after someone did something so horrible and breaking a child's heart."

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