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Medford Chicken Crowned 'Miss Helpful' in Nationwide Chicken Pageant

A backyard chicken named Meep will go up against chickens from around the nation in Purina's 'Flock-Tober' pageant.

Posted: Oct. 19, 2018 10:23 AM

MEDFORD, Ore. — A chicken born and raised in Medford has been named "Miss Helpful" and will go on to compete in a nationwide pageant this month. The pageant is a competition put on by feed brand Purina called the Miss Flock-Tober contest.

Meep the Sizzle hen was raised by local woman Courtney Munson, according to Purina.

“Everyone raises chickens for their own reasons. My hens give me farm fresh eggs, free fertilizer and pest control,” says Munson. “They're also companions to me and they have distinct personalities. Meep has become a fierce and fiesty leader of the flock, and is truly a helpful hen.”

Munson and Meep won the Miss Helpful title after Munson submitted a photo of her washing dishes, with Meep on the counter "helping." According to Purina, Meep isn't all that helpful with the dishes — but Munson says she contributes by laying eggs and hatching chicks.

“I had chickens around the barns I rode my horses at as a kid,” Munson says. “In high school, I fell in love with a Silkie named Peaches, who disappeared for nearly a month and came back with 13 chicks! I knew I had to have my own little flock someday.”

Munson told Purina that she would later move to a home with a chicken coop and soon began raising chickens of her own.

“Meep and her siblings were a surprise. Just like when I was a kid, I came home one day and there were all these little babies following around my rooster, Booplesnoot,” continues Munson. “Since they came from my favorite rooster and hen, watching Meep and her sisters grow from tiny, fluffy chicks has been a neat experience!”

As winner of the Miss Helpful title, Meep took home a "Flock-Tober Fun Box" and will now compete for the title of Miss Flock-Tober 2018 — with a year's supply of Purina poultry feed on the line as the grand prize.

The final round begins on October 22, according to Purina. Munson and Meep will go up against hens from Texas, Missouri, and another Oregonian from Astoria.

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