Mayday call and chaos on cruise ship

Engine failure and wild weather caused a dangerous situation.

Posted: Mar. 24, 2019 11:14 AM


1300 passengers and crew on a cruise ship were stranded at sea. Passengers shoot video of the mayhem on board as engine failure combined with wild weather create a dangerous situation.

This morning passengers of the Viking Sky Cruise describe the scare at sea

Ryan Flynn says, "water came bursting through that door... water all over the ground."

What started as an idyllic 12 day sail through Norwegian waters, spiraled into mayhem and a mayday call Saturday evening.

David Hernandez says, "we had a huge wave hit us and it blew off a door that I think was supposed to be water tight, but did not hold."

Furniture was sliding and parts of the ceiling fell. Passengers were on board with life vests on for hours. 

Flynn says, "we're still on the boat. Still waiting to get on the helicopter to get out."

The vessel was drifting dangerously toward land. Prompting even more fears. At least 5 emergency helicopters and boats rushed to the scene. Battling high winds and waves to airlift and ferry people to dry land.

Hernandez says, "it's a very slow process we were hoisted up in pairs. So my husband and I went together and it was pair at a time. About 20 people could fit in each helicopter."

Danny Bates says, "very frightening. We went up on a helicopter with a sling, the two of us together and it was quite scary."

The rescue operation lasted well into the night. Tug boats towed the ship to safety Sunday morning.

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