Fire Insurance Problems in Ashland

Ashland might be seeing an increase in fire insurance problems since the city may be making it a wildfire zone.

Posted: Aug 31, 2018 6:20 PM

ASHLAND, OR - Fire insurance might be harder to get in the city of Ashland and that's because the city is voting on making the whole city a wildfire zone.

Insurance companies in Ashland have been answering an increase of calls this week because of it.

Greg White the owner/agent at Reinholdt and O'Harra says "I've received a lot of calls recently with clients concerned that will my home be covered if there is a wildfire and absolutely and he also says we are going to see is probably some companies that are going to opt out. they just say if that city is a wildfire zone we are going to choose not to insure in that city."

If this ordinance gets passed insurance companies may opt out of giving fire insurance. Greg White says "by law they have to give them notice but it would be in the mail with a 60 or 90 day. a lot times though we will see that companies grandfather they'll say you know you are already with us we'll keep you, but we are not writing any new buisness."

This ordinance isn't even passed yet and Rick Harris at cold well banker pro west has already had problems getting one of his clients fire insurance.

Rick Harris says, "when she called her fire insurance company they said we are not going to insure in this zipcode, we have a prohibition."

Fire Insurance could also get more expensive if this gets passed. Greg White says "the main reason for that will be that there will be less competition in the city of ashland." 

White also wants people to make sure they have enoough fire insurance coverage when they sign up for a policy. 

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