Family of 7 Loses Home and 9 Cats in House Fire

The Campfield family of 7 lost their home during Sunday's Gold Hill house fire. The family says they did lose 9 cats, including 8 kittens.

Posted: Apr. 23, 2018 5:43 PM
Updated: Apr. 23, 2018 6:12 PM

GOLD HILL, Ore.- A house fire devastated a Gold Hill family this weekend, burning their entire home down to the ground. The two parents, and five children ages ranging 4-13 were able to escape physically uninjured. The family says they did lose 9 cats, including 8 kittens.

Brandon Campfield says, "I didn't seen a structure I seen a wall of fire and within minutes it collapse and everything was down and everything we work towards and owned is in ashes."

The Campfield home is on forest land, so when they called 9-1-1, they were told local fire agencies couldn't assist. Someone from the Department of Forestry did arrive at the scene to help, but the house had already burned down. The family still doesn't know how the fire started.

Campfield says, "Matthew our 13-year-old says he walked by the camper and seen flames. He ran inside and seeing our four-year-old inside, he grabbed him out went back inside and try to splash water on it get water on the fire, but it had grown too quickly and he said the flames were hitting the ceiling and the smoke was too much so he got out."

The family says right now they're focusing on immediate needs, like clothes, dressers, and tools to rebuild a new home.

Campfield says, "When I say everything that sums up everything from the keepsake boxes we made for the kids ultrasound pictures school projects the first time they wrote their name the first haircut all the memories any family heirlooms we had we lost everything."

If you'd like to help the Campfield family, you can find their GoFundMe page here.

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