Deadline passes to remove studded tires

We explain what happens if you are caught with studded tires.

Posted: Apr 1, 2019 6:19 PM

MEDFORD, Or--  The deadline was on Sunday, yet Point S Tire was bombarded with cars on Monday.

Most people were looking to get those tires off on Monday. Bob Horton the Manager at Point S tire says, "you will get a ticket." If you are caught with these tires still on your car it's a Class C violation and about a $200 fine. 

There is a deadline because of the damage the roads see. A 2014 Oregon Road Study shows that studded tires cause 8.5 million dollars in damages every year to state highways.

Horton says, "with the studs on there it just tears up the roads because the roads are frozen and then they get soft and then it just tears up the pavement and everything."

Horton says today was busier then Saturday with all the tire changes. When I went by the tire shop today it was about 15 cars behind because of it.

In the waiting room I tried to talk to people on camera about why they waited until today to get their tires off. No one wanted to go on camera, but told me why they came today. One person thought the deadline was on tax day. Another person didn't even think there was a deadline. Lastly someone was afraid they would get a ticket in the mail if they admitted it on TV with us.

Horton has another idea. He says, "I think everyone thought we were going to be real busy Saturday which we were, but we are actually busier today."

If you live in the mountains or are still planning on driving in higher elevations you still can't have studded tires. ODOT recommends carrying chains or using traction tires without studs.

If you show up to Point S Tire to get your studded tires removed, Horton promises he won't hand out any tickets.

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