Commercial construction site vandalized in Medford

More than $10,000 in damages were left behind by vandals at a Medford construction site.

Posted: Feb 5, 2020 5:43 PM
Updated: Feb 5, 2020 7:18 PM

MEDFORD, Ore. — Freshly poured sidewalks now have to be completely demolished and re-poured after vandals hit a construction site on Thursday night.

“It was still fresh and so it’s ruined. It has to be jackhammered out and then we have to re-compact all the subbase and more rebar and bring it back to current condition so we can pour again,” said Matt Bryant, the President of Riverdell Construction.

It was Riverdell’s project that was vandalized; a new office building going up in Long Pine Square. The sidewalks were the only thing that was damaged.

“We had a big piece of equipment here, a big boom forklift that they basically grabbed this gravel and then poured sand and gravel down the gas tank in the hydraulic fluids,” said Bryant, “Just to even see how far that got in there is going to be $5000 in exploratory work.”

The total cost of damages is more than $10,000.00. Aside from the physical damage, the vandalism is also putting the enter construction is now behind schedule.

“Time is money. We have a loan on this and every day that clock ticks it cost money,” said Bryant, “We’re trying to start stucco but now we have contractors on top of each other so we’re moving them around and it probably at least affects us by three weeks.”

Investigators told Bryant they believe the markings left in the sidewalk are gang related.

“They have seen similar tagging’s and they can associate it to a certain group of individuals,” said Bryant, “so I’m hoping they’ll find something.”

Even if the person or people responsible are identified Bryant is doubtful that they’ll see any real consequences for the damage.

“Usually the person that’s done this tagging doesn’t have any money, doesn’t have the resources to recoup this loss,” said Bryant, “Then it’s left on my insurance company and if this happens enough times my insurance goes up. It’s a frustrating event and the people that do this damage really don’t truly have the consequences that they should have for it.”

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