Central Point Man Wins $7.3 Million in 'Lucky Mistake'

Charles Svitak of Central Point very nearly passed up the opportunity that won him Oregon's $7.3 million Megabucks lottery.

Posted: Jun 22, 2018 11:23 AM

SALEM, Ore. — A Central Point man almost passed on a chance that, as it turns out, would win him the $7.3 million jackpot in Oregon's Megabucks game, according to the Oregon Lottery.

On Saturday, June 16, Charles Svitak dropped by his local 7-Eleven to buy a lottery ticket when he heard that the Megabucks jackpot had topped $7 million.

When he approached the counter, Svitak says that the clerk was holding two tickets that had been printed by mistake. The clerk offered Svitak the chance to buy them.

Svitak pondered the offer, bought one of the tickets, left the store and got into his car. Suddenly, Svitak thought better of it. He went back inside the store and bought the second ticket as well.

When Svitak later checked that ticket on his computer, he found out that he had won.

“When I checked the ticket on my computer I couldn’t believe it,” said Svitak, who works a graveyard shift in Medford. “The first thing I thought is that I had worked my last graveyard shift. It was a very good day.”

Without telling his wife about the winnings, Svitak immediately got into his car and drove up to Salem to claim the prize.

“On the way home I got a new truck and put the oversized check they gave me on the windshield,” he said. “Then I took her out to show her truck and she realized I won the lottery. She hasn’t stopped giggling since.”

Svitak opted to take the "lump sum" of $3.65 million instead of taking the prize in installments. The couple told Oregon Lottery that they are talking to a financial planner—they hope to do some traveling and buy a couple of new vehicles.

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