Ashland School District Gets 109 Million Dollars

69% of people voted yes for the Ashland School Bond. This will start next summer.

Posted: Nov 7, 2018 6:01 PM

The Ashland School District is getting 109 million dollars to fix and update its their schools. Some of that money will be go going to Walker Elementary School which was built in 1948.

Jim Westrick the School Board Director says "Overall focus of the bond is as the title says student health, safety and security."

The mechanics, electric and plumbing are just not working anymore.

Jim says "I know at walker right now in our teacher's lounge you can't run the microwave and the coffee maker at the same time or you blow a fuse. There are other classrooms where you plug in a pencil sharpener and you plug in something else and you blow a fuse. The electrical is not up to date where it needs to be."

This elementary in particular also needs an HVAC system. With the smoke season lasting longer into fall these are a high priority.

Jim says "HVAC is very important. Now that we are getting use to smoker and smoker falls and summers and kids need clean air to breath and it shouldn't matter what school you go to in Ashland, you should know that your child is going to have clean air to breath."

The classrooms are also different temperatures. One classroom is around 90 degrees. It's so warm the windows are open for a cool breeze. Down the hall it's the opposite. It's so cold students are wearing their winter jackets. Jim tells me this needs to change to improve the kid's learning environment.

Jim says "When we do get to rebuild and renovate and brings them up to code we are also going to be reducing our carbon footprint which is fantastic in the long run."

The new bond goes into effect next summer. Starting then people living in the district will be taxed two dollars for every $1,000 your property is worth. After the first 13 years the tax goes down to one dollar every year.

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