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Abortion laws in California and Oregon compared to Missouri

Thousands of people across the country rallied against recently-passed anti-abortion laws. One group held a protest in Medford.

Posted: May 21, 2019 6:27 PM
Updated: May 21, 2019 7:40 PM

MEDFORD, Ore --  Thousands of people across the country rallied against recently passed anti-abortion laws. More than 50 organizations in nearly all 50 states participated in the "stop the bans" rallies. Medford had one on Tuesday afternoon.

The group protesting in Medford believes in "pro-choice" — meaning that someone should have the choice to do what they want to their bodies.

One of the pro-choice supporters is 18-year-old Violet Smith. She said that she had a specific reason she came out to the protest on Tuesday. "I'm a survivor of sexual assault and the fact that they are going specifically after rape survivors to make them feel like they have no option is what really gets to me the most," said Smith.

Smith refers to the recent legislation in Missouri and Alabama that would not allow abortions even if someone was raped. "That could have been me," said Smith. 

When we look at Oregon and California, the abortion laws are very different than Missouri and Alabama. Oregon has some of the least restrictive abortion laws in the country. A pregnant woman in Oregon can get an abortion at any point, including undocumented immigrants. Most of the time abortions are paid for in Oregon through state funding.

In California, minors do not need parental consent for an abortion. Most abortions are paid for in California again because of state funding. In California you cannot get an abortion once the fetus is viable — generally around week 22 to 24.

On the opposite side of this controversial topic is the "pro-life" perspective. This group believes that all human life should have a chance.

Jon Clement from RV Saltshakers thinks abortion should be abolished all together. "Pro-life don't murder babies. They wouldn't even necessarily use the word 'murder,' but they say most of the time but with exceptions," said Clement. 

Some pro-life supporters believe abortion is acceptable in cases of rape or incest. For Clement that is not the case. 

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