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Local Business Owners Featured on Shark Tank

Guzzle Buddy Inventors Randy Rothfus and Jennifer Sullivan finally got to tell their family and friends about their experience on Shark Tank. The duo held a viewing party at The Point Pub and Grill in Central Point.

Posted: Jan. 21, 2018 10:00 AM
Updated: Jan. 21, 2018 11:35 PM

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. -- Guzzle Buddy co-inventors Randy Rothfus and Jennifer Sullivan said the journey to Shark Tank began in 2015 when Sullivan was watching an old sitcom and saw a glass attached to a bottle. They did some research to see if something like it had already been done, and say they couldn't find anything. That's when they started making guzzle buddy prototypes. In February 2016, Rothfus and Sullivan put it on Amazon. Since then, they've sold close to 80,000 Guzzle Buddies.

"We love it. We think it’s a great functional gift as well as useable," Sullivan said.

The duo said the show, Shark Tank, reached out to them last summer and filmed their pitch in front of the Sharks. Sunday night, family and friends got to see that pitch for the first time.

"It's probably the most excitingly nervous thing you can do, just because your nerves are going but I’m really excited that we're going to be here with all of our friends and family and stuff so it will be great." Rothfus added.

After the show aired in front of their family and friends, they finally got to tell them they accepted a deal from Daymond John on Shark Tank. Right now, they tell NewsWatch 12 they are still working to close that deal.

"Every step we've taken, we've done it together.” Sullivan said.
'It's been nuts." Rothfus added.

The duo said the journey is far from over and they've learned so much over the last two years. Now they're shifting gears to focusing on their brand. They said they are excited to be working with Daymond John's team.


MEDFORD, Ore. -- The inventors of Guzzle Buddy will be featured on Shark Tank tonight at 9 p.m. on NewsWatch12. 

Randy Rothfus and Jennifer Sullivan have know each other their whole lives. Jennifer told NewsWatch12 that in 2015 she was watching an old sitcom, and saw a glass attached to a wine bottle. She called Randy and said they had to get one. 

"We found a lot of people looking for the product, but we couldn't find it. Nobody had ever made it," says Randy Rothfus, Co-Inventor of Guzzle Buddy. 

After months of prototypes, they were able to put the product on Amazon in February of 2016. They say they expected the glass to sell quickly since so many people were looking for them. 

"It kind of shocked us because it wasn't huge out of the gates," says Jennifer Sullivan, Co-Inventor of Guzzle Buddy. 

Thanks to a social media post and Black Friday sales, Guzzle Buddy was able to take off. So much so, that Shark Tank reached out to them last summer for a video application. Five months ago, the duo were able to film their pitch in front of the sharks. 

"You know that you have to know your business inside and out, because if you don't they will tear you apart," says Jennifer. 

Jennifer says they rehearsed whenever they could, and walking out in front of the sharks was nerve-racking. 

"We don't even know exactly how they're going to edit it, and portray us. We're anxious to see it as well," says Jennifer. 

After Shark Tank premieres, Randy says they will continue to build their brand strategically. 

"We do have other products that we want to come out with, but we are bootstrapping this business. We're really trying to be smart and not over-extend ourselves," says Randy.

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