Jury duty romance leads to wedding bells

Most people think jury duty can be a real drag, but one couple met serving their civic duty and found love.Kri...

Posted: Mar 19, 2018 6:23 AM
Updated: Mar 19, 2018 6:23 AM

Most people think jury duty can be a real drag, but one couple met serving their civic duty and found love.

Kris and Sarah Gerig met in 2015 while serving as jurors in a contractor fraud case.

"She was wearing a red jacket, so she stood out, and I thought it would be nice to end up on a jury with her," says Kris.

"I definitely liked him at first, so I suggested he be the foreman," says Sarah.

The two decided two and a half years later to get married in the same courtroom and by the same judge, Robin Pittman.

"I've been using it each and every time I go down to welcome the jurors here at criminal district court, and I let them know that they never know they maybe sitting next to their next boyfriend or girlfriend, next fiance," says judge Pittman.

"I was juror number 1 and she was juror number 7, the alternate, so very nearly missed out," says Kris jokingly.

"I like just telling people we met at criminal court, and then going on to say it was jury duty," says Sarah.

"I still don't understand how this worked out. I mean it's jury duty, everyone is there, and we are so compatible and in love and I'm very happy," says Kris as he looks adoringly at his wife.

The two say they consider themselves nerds, so decided to get married on National Pi day.

The groom even wore a red tie with pi symbols.

Family and friends attended the wedding and got a glimpse of the courtroom where they first met.

The couple even playfully sat in their juror chairs holding up jury member number signs for photographs.

Let's just say these two are now sentenced to life.

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