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Logos Public Charter School gets their Sparrow

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Logos Public Charter Schools Gets Their Sparrow

MEDFORD, Ore. — Her name is Ellie Jo and her mother Vanessa says it's a blessing.

The Sparrow Club has been around for over 20 years. Their goal is for kids to volunteer for their sparrow.

Vanessa says "It's very heartwarming that there are so many people that put in the effort to make this possible."

Elie Jo has an optic nerve disease and hypopituitarism. This means she can't see and she needs hormone injections every night to help her grow.

Ellie Jo's mother Vanessa says the money earned will help with medical bills and therapy sessions.

Vanessa says "We have a lot of therapies trying to catch her up, because vision is 90% of your learning."

When Kids volunteer those hours are turned into cash for the family. The cash comes from various businesses helping donate. Today some families started volunteering right away.

Issak Oliva says "We are here to paint, so that way we can help our sparrow." Issak and his family were at the new Bear Creek Park to paint pieces.

Issak Oliva and his family were at the new bear creek park to paint pieces.

Isaak says "So that way we can help her get money so that way they can get their stuff that they need like shots and stuff."

Vanessa says "Well we don't want to be a charity case and they were like no no no it's kids helping kids."

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