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Local woodworking artist uses social media to boost art business sales

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GRANTS PASS --                 Local artist out of Grants Pass has used the power of social media to reach customers across the nation. Creating custom designs out of reclaimed wood and selling them through his website.

David Thomason is the owner and artist of Burnpile Design out of Grants Pass, for years Thomason sold items from his woodworking business at local markets in grants pass but once the idea of social media was brought to his attention his sales skyrocketed.

“My business is really based off of social media and the impact of that, so if I have a video that’s flown around everywhere then I get a lot more sales than normal,” says Thomason.

He creates anything from fans and concealment cabinets, to business signs, and tables all out of wood. At first, Thomason started posting time-lapse videos to Facebook. After seeing the numbers those videos reached, he thought he could take it a step further and venture out to Instagram.

“TikTok was the biggest game changer for sure, I actually made my account almost like a joke because my wife at the time was so obsessed with it,” says Thomason.

He started posting videos to his account and about two weeks in the views started increasing, “I posted one video and it got 500,000 views within two days and it was crazy.” Eventually, he started hitting a million views. “I would actually have people come up to me ‘hey that’s the TikTok guy’ ‘that’s the guy on TikTok and I was like this is hilarious,” says Thomason.

Now the majority of his orders are from out-of-state. “I get orders from Florida, New York, and feels like it’s had an everlasting effect because I continue to get orders all over the nation. I feel like most of my orders are from out-of-state people now and it’s just from continuing to post on social media. Instagram, TikTok is a great one, and it continues to pay out,” says Thomason.

One issue he faces I the worry that the U.S. Government could ban TikTok like they have with Federal issued phones. “It would be a bummer, but I do have a good social media presence on Instagram and Facebook and so that will be where I develop more of my time on those platforms, but it would definitely have an impact on my business for sure,” says Thomason.

David's online presence has dramatically impacted his business by increasing brand awareness and driving sales across the country, and paying his bills. His increased revenue has been invested back into his business, by the purchase of a new van, a brand new workshop, and new machinery that works on metal.

“It wouldn’t be possible without TikTok and Instagram and Facebook. It really blew things up for me for sure. I still go to local markets here and I have success there with the local people, but social media has definitely blown it up to where I am actually making a living and being able to continue to develop things as well,” says Thomason.

If you’re interested in David’s work, click here to visit his website.

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Camryn joined NewsWatch 12 as a reporter/producer at the end of January, 2022.

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