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  • Hope for Hailey

    MEDFORD, Ore., — Hailey Maddox is facing the biggest fight of her life but she isn’t doing it alone. She is backed by 1705 fellow students. Friday, North Medford High School officially adopted one of their own as this year’s sparrow.  Hailey is now a sophomore but while she was volunteering for the school’s sparrow … Continue reading »

  • Schools Target Parent Involvement

    MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford schools have been in session for about a week, and the new superintendent has put emphasis on children finding their place in school. Dr. Brian Shumate also says every parent should have a place as well. In an open letter to parents from Shumate, he said, “It’s all part of our … Continue reading »

  • Medford School Budget to Add Days, Staff

    MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford Schools expect to add school days, staff, and even bring back parent-teacher conferences in its latest budget plan. Superintendent Phil Long presented the budget to the school board Tuesday night. The plan shows $113 million of revenue, which will allow the district to hire 50 full-time positions, and add five instructional … Continue reading »

  • District Training Strike Substitutes

    MEDFORD, Ore. — District officials brought the substitutes in on busses, gearing up for students this week.  The next time the teams will be back at the talking table is also Tuesday,  but that will only be a brief call to the mediator, who is currently back in Salem. Representatives from the Medford School District … Continue reading »

  • Plans for Students During Strike

    The Medford School District released a letter to parents to clarify their plans for students during the teacher strike. To see the full letter, click here. Medford School District released the following information: When will schools be closed? In order to prepare for students while the teachers are on strike, all Medford schools will be … Continue reading »

  • Superintendent Speaks on Teacher Strike

    MEDFORD, Ore. — After hours of mediation, the Medford Education Association has officially declared a strike on Feb. 6th at 6:00 AM. School is canceled today, and will be canceled Friday, Feb. 7th and Monday, Feb. 10th. School will be back in session on Tuesday, Feb. 11th on the School District’s consolidated schedule. The District … Continue reading »

  • 21 Valedictorians Graduate South Medford

    MEDFORD, Ore. — School officials say 21 students graduated from South Medford High School as valedictorians Saturday. According to the school’s web site, this marks a record number of valedictorians at the school. School officials report the class of 2013 had the highest grade point average of any previous graduating class and took a record … Continue reading »

  • Police, Schools Up Security from Threats

    MEDFORD, Ore. – Police are responding to reports of gun threats in Medford schools but a threat school districts are hearing across the nation. District officials and police said Facebook and other social media websites are feeding into these types of rumors. They believe the recent shootings at the Clackamas Town Center Mall and in … Continue reading »

  • Medford School Promotes Online

    MEDFORD, Ore. – The Medford School District is hoping to give the region a boost when it comes to attracting potential employers or parents to the region. Each school has produced an informational video that is available for viewing on the web. The district said it’s a new tool for exploring our schools. Each video … Continue reading »

  • Changes For Oregon In Student Grading

    MEDFORD, Ore. – A new law has students across the state facing stricter graduation requirements. Students at secondary schools in the Medford School District, like at Central Medford High School, will soon see changes in their grading and school work. The district plans to make these changes gradually in the next two years. Superintendent Phil Long … Continue reading »