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  • HealthWatch: Vaccinations in Children

    (HealthWatch) — With the recent outbreak of the Measles in Disneyland, many parents are concerned about vaccinations in children who attend the same school as their own. One California dad has asked his sons school district to consider keeping non-vaccinated students from going to school. Carl Krawitt’s son has been battling Leukemia, and his chemo … Continue reading »

  • Programs Help Local Students Graduate

    MEDFORD, Ore. – A study revealed this week says Oregon students graduate at a rate of about 72%. Here in southern Oregon, many students are thriving regardless of their economic background. Some schools in Klamath hit 90% graduation rates. Thanks to a fifth year of high school. Even Medford’s Central High School is seeing graduation … Continue reading »

  • HealthWatch: Diet Guide

    CNN — Healthy eating may not be as hard as you think. Consuming leaner meats and cutting salt and sugar can go a long way to a healthier you. Experts say try to stick with whole, natural foods as much as possible and limit or eliminate processed foods Tamara Melton, a Registered Dietician says too … Continue reading »

  • Purple Parrot Would-be Robber Returns

    MEDFORD, Ore. — A suspect wanted for a botched robbery attempt at the Purple Parrot on Highland Dr. in Medford earlier this week is now being sought for returning to that same location and stealing money. According to Medford Police, on Friday morning at about 8:30, the man from the surveillance video from Wednesday’s incident … Continue reading »

  • Body Found Near Greensprings

    NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. — The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department is at the scene of where a body has been found in the Greensprings area east of Ashland. T According to Captain Monte Holloway with the Sheriff’s Department, the body was found earlier this afternoon, and efforts are underway to make an identification. Officials said the body is a male. … Continue reading »

  • Local School Closes Achievement Gap

    PHOENIX, Ore. — Despite a more than 70% poverty rate, 84% of students at Phoenix High School are graduating. That is nearly the same rate as Ashland High School. Where the poverty rate is half that of Phoenix. Phoenix High School tells us they have closed the achievement gap between their Anglo and Latino students. … Continue reading »

  • Missing Teen Search for Answers

    ASHLAND, Ore. — Jackson County Search and Rescue is sending volunteers to look for signs of missing Ashland teen Hannah Thomas-Garner. Crews will head out Saturday to several spots along Dead Indian Memorial Rd., the last place Hannah is believed to have stepped foot in Ashland. This isn’t the first time search teams have gone out … Continue reading »

  • Driver in Serious Condition After Crash

    BROOKINGS, Ore. – A single vehicle crash on North Bank Chetco River Rd., near Alfred A. Loeb State Park, left the driver in serious condition. A approximately 9:50 p.m. Thursday, the Curry County Sheriff’s Deputies were notified of a single motor vehicle crash. Initial reports indicate that the driver Parrish Leon Clifton Shelton (21) was … Continue reading »

  • Dinosaur Remains Mistaken For Dragon

    EDMONTON, Alta. — Some Chinese farmers thought they’d discovered the remains of a dragon, but it turned out to be a 50-foot dinosaur. That’s what paleontologists are saying. The fossils were first found nine years ago, by farmers digging a fish pond. Researchers are just now publishing their findings. They’ve named the dinosaur “Quijianglong” That … Continue reading »

  • Man Climbs Frozen Niagara Falls

    NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. — There was once a time when daredevils would ride in a barrel over Niagara Falls. Now, because of freezing cold temperatures, one daredevil is climbing up the falls. The winter deep-freeze froze portions of the falls. That’s why Will Gadd scaled nearly 150 feet up frozen cliffs, next to the still-flowing … Continue reading »

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