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  • Amateur Athlete: OSF

    ASHLAND, Ore. — There are eleven plays this season at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. An actor typically performs in one, maybe two, shows per season. A director usually only directs one, but there is someone at OSF that has a hand in every show. For 24 year, Jon Toppo has roamed the many stages of … Continue reading »

  • MONEYWATCH: FCC adopts historic rules

    (CNN)– The FCC has passed a historic measure to more strictly regulate the Internet. The new rules, based on the principles of “net neutrality,” act to provide equal opportunity for Internet speeds and access to websites. The central question was whether network owners — like Comcast (CMCSA) or Time Warner Cable (TWC) — can discriminate … Continue reading »

  • Winter Weather & Rain Through Friday PM

    WEATHER DISCUSSION After a fairly significant dry spell, we are now seeing measurable rain and snow entering the area.  Rainfall amounts won’t be significant, but for the high terrain, snowfall totals could top 12 inches along the highest peaks.  Since this is quite a change from the type of weather we’ve been seeing over the … Continue reading »

  • Out & About: Ski Race and Girls Rock

    This weekend there are ways to rock, ride and jam out to some original songs. Mount Ashland say the snow forecast is looking good for racing on the slopes this weekend.  This Saturday and Sunday, the Mount Ashland Racing Association will be hosting the Kaiser Cup race. Don’t miss out on your chance to hit … Continue reading »

  • Missing Log Home Found

    NEAR CHILOQUIN, Ore. — Klamath County Sheriff’s Deputies say they recovered the log home reportedly stolen this week. The home was not sitting on a bed of wheels, but a foundation. No one was living in the home located near Chiloquin at the time. Detectives say they found it Wednesday morning, nearly 4,000 feet from where … Continue reading »

  • Parents Learn About Bullying

    MEDFORD, Ore. —  Hoover Elementary School is hosting a special presentation tonight to help educate parents about bullying.  This comes after a recent study that shows the Medford, Ashland and Rogue River school districts falling short in anti-bullying standards. One of the big topics parents are learning about tonight is knowing the difference between conflict and bullying. … Continue reading »

  • Vaccine Progress on U of O Campus

    EUGENE, Ore. – The University of Oregon is making progress as it tries to vaccinate thousands of students against a potentially deadly bacteria. So far, a tenth of students have been vaccinated against meningococcemia ahead of next week’s mass clinics. Students are either receiving the “trumenba” or “bexsero” vaccine. Both vaccines protect against meningitis b, … Continue reading »

  • School Intercepts Suicide Pact

    ALBANY, Ore. — Middle school staff are looking into a suicide pact. A parent alerted staff at Calapooia Middle School Wednesday night after her daughter came home from school, saying a student had asked her and others to sign a suicide pledge. The student told her daughter others had already signed it. The student who … Continue reading »

  • School Changes Policy After Viral Story

    GRANTS PASS, Ore. — An image of a 6-year-old boy sitting behind a partition started a debate on social media and caused parents to ask questions about what is appropriate discipline for a first grader. On Thursday, the school resource officer and the superintendent joined Principal Fitzsimmons right before school started for the drop off … Continue reading »

  • HealthWatch: Migraine Pain

    CNN — It’s estimated 36 million Americans suffer from migraines. Migraines are a neurological disorder commonly characterized by severe headaches. Medications can alleviate migraine symptoms, but there is no cure. Dr. Carolyn Bernstein from Beth Israel-Deaconess Medical Center says there’s not one thing we can do to end the migraines for all time at this … Continue reading »

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