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  • Out & About: Paddington and Union Park.

    MEDFORD, Ore. — This weekend you can feel like a London tourist at a local boutique’s community event. The train is pulling into Ashland for Paddington Station’s celebration of everyone’s favorite bear staring in his own movie. On Saturday, you can pick up a train ticket at Paddington Station’s front kiosk to start the adventure … Continue reading »

  • A Nice End to the Work Week on the Way

    WEATHER DISCUSSION High pressure continues to strengthen on Friday, meaning mostly sunny skies prevail, aside from the morning fog in the valleys.  High temperatures will be back above average, reaching the upper 50’s and lower 60’s in some locations. We have been mentioning the rain chances that are in the forecast for the end of … Continue reading »

  • Amateur Athlete: Nevina DeLuca

    PHOENIX, Ore. — Eleazar DeLuca’s athletic career, which includes three individual state championships at Phoenix High School, will go down as one of the best athletic runs in recent Southern Oregon history. His dominance can motivate any up and coming athlete, but it definitely impacted his younger sister, Nevina. “He was this big time wrestler … Continue reading »

  • Seattle Teacher Plans to Sue

    (CNN) — Video of a teacher getting pepper sprayed during a peaceful Martin Luther King event is now going viral. That Seattle-based teacher now say they plan to sue. The video shows the teacher walking by on his cellphone right after giving a speech during MLK Day. Then, the officer starts to spray. The teacher … Continue reading »

  • Hayes Admits Consulting Fees

    PORTLAND, Ore. — The investigation into the Governor’s fiancée continues. The EO Media Group is now reports that Cylvia Hayes was paid $118,000 over two year to work with a clean energy organization. The group reports at the same time, she was advising the Governor on similar topics. Hayes confirmed the work in an email … Continue reading »

  • Fire at Knife River Asphalt Plant

    CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — Nearly two dozen members of Jackson County Fire District 3 are responding to a possible explosion and fire at the Knife River Asphalt plant in Central Point. Traffic had been diverted from Gold Hill, and Mercy Flights was called because of reports of an injury. Witnesses say the explosion shook their homes. According to Fire District … Continue reading »

  • Friend of “OSU Porn Case” Speak Out

    CORVALLIS, Ore. — A 19-year-old woman was cited on Tuesday after police say she filmed a porn video of herself in the Valley Library at Oregon State University. Now, friends of that woman are coming to her defense. Kendra Sunderland is facing criminal charges for her behavior, but friends are concerned about the university’s quickness … Continue reading »

  • Conference Highlights So. Oregon Edge

    MEDFORD, Ore. — Southern Oregon’s economy is getting a boost from a new initiative created by SOREDI. The southern Oregon Edge promotes the region as a hub for high tech development, and promotes the high tech business which already call our area home. “The Edge” and the companies it highlights were one focus of today’s … Continue reading »

  • Update on Jackson Co. GMO Lawsuit

    ASHLAND, Ore. — Local farmers and supporters of a GMO-Free Jackson County are meeting tonight. This is comes before a hearing scheduled next week about a GMO lawsuit involving the county and family farms. The Our Family Farms Coalition and Thrive are hosting presentations and discussions tonight. It’s part of an effort to educate the … Continue reading »

  • HealthWatch: Neuroma

    MEDFORD, Ore — A neuroma is a nerve problem in the foot. It can become pinched in a one-time situation, like wearing a pair of shoes that are too tight, or from a trauma to the foot. They can happen slowly over time from repeated use or stress which can aggravate and inflame the nerve. … Continue reading »

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