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  • Popular Club and Restaurant for Sale

    ASHLAND, Ore.– A popular restaurant and Latino dance club in Ashland is up for sale. Full Circle Reality said Tabu was listed earlier this month. They did not say what the future of the location might hold and whether or not it will close before it is sold. A facebook post by Tabu states. “We … Continue reading »

  • Obama’s Support in Military Historic Low

    CNN – A new survey shows President Obama is not too popular with the U.S. Military. The Military Times survey reveals just 15 percent of active-duty service members approve of Mr. Obama’s performance as Commander-In-Chief. That’s down from 35 percent in 2009. Despite the low number, there appears to be growing support for one of … Continue reading »

  • 3D Printing Hits the Final Frontier

    CNN – When an astronaut in orbit needed a new wrench, he didn’t have to wait for a shipment by rocket. Instead, NASA engineers e-mailed one to him. International Space Station Commander “Butch” Wilmore is the first astronaut to use the first “uplink tool” printed in space. The ratcheting socket wrench was designed on earth, … Continue reading »

  • Weekend Flooding Plagues Western Oregon

    COOS COUNTY, Ore – As much as five inches of rain fell in Western Oregon over the weekend – flooding communities near Eugene. Flood warnings were in effect in Coos County, where rivers and streams overflowed. Traffic was backed up on highways as high water blocked drivers.

  • Rain/Snow to Move in Christmas Eve Night

      WEATHER DISCUSSION The wetting rains over the weekend led to rapid river rises across southern Oregon. Flood warnings for the Coquille River remain in effect at Coquille and near Myrtle Point (as of 7:30am). All of the rivers have crested though and with showers winding down, river levels will gradually lower over the next … Continue reading »

  • Pit Bulls Found Abandoned

    MEDFORD, Ore. – The owner of two pit bulls may face charges for animal neglect after police found the dogs abandoned. On Sunday, officers found an adult pit bull and a nursing pit bull puppy abandoned inside a house on Washington Street after the residence had been designated unsafe. According to investigators, the dogs were … Continue reading »

  • Rain Showers Coming to an End

    WEATHER DISCUSSION The last 24 hours have painted a completely different picture as far as the amount of rain falling. Over the course of Saturday, 24 hour rainfall totals had surpassed 7″ for areas along the coast, 8″ in the Southern Oregon Coastals, and 5″ in the Cascades. Through 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, totals were … Continue reading »

  • Mt. Ashland Closes to Preserve Snow Pack

    MT. ASHLAND, Ore. — After being open for just two days, Mount Ashland was closed again on Sunday to preserve the current snow pack in place. Most of the snow the mountain experienced this last week is now melting — as snow levels rise, and warmer weather pushes though. More than 500 people visited the … Continue reading »

  • Shine a Light: Sex Trafficking Awareness

    ASHLAND, Ore. — A group of activists in Ashland is raising awareness to help victims of sexual exploitation. About 180 people attended shine a light into sex trafficking event on Sunday night. Participants met at SOU’s main gym for a mass yoga session by candlelight to bring awareness to the commercial sex industry. Each person raised or … Continue reading »

  • SOU Raiders Parade in Ashland

    ASHLAND, Ore. — The streets of Downtown Ashland were lined with fans as the Raiders took their victory ride through town today. The players and coaches said they are certainly enjoying their time in the spotlight, especially all the love and support from fans. Holding their banner proudly, the newest NAIA champs are back in … Continue reading »

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