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  • Snowden Ready to Return to the U.S.

    CNN — The lawyer for Edward Snowden says his client is ready to return to the United States. Snowden has lived in Russia since he leaked thousands of classified documents to media outlets. The lawyer said Snowden received a guarantee from Attorney General Eric Holder that he will not face the death penalty if he … Continue reading »

  • MONEYWATCH: Unemployment Rate Dropping

    SALEM, Ore.– Oregon’s unemployment rate is once again seeing lows not seen since 2008. Economists said January saw rates at 6.3%, down from 6.7% in December. The declining trend has been happening since May 2009, when Oregon’s rate peaked at 11.9%. Economists said the number of unemployed also declined to 124,000, from 138,000 a year … Continue reading »

  • Warming Trend Begins

    WEATHER DISCUSSION Now that the high pressure ridge is moving in, we will get back to quiet weather for the week. Dry, sunny and warm conditions will be the case working through at least the next seven days. Think of high pressure like a weight that’s put on the atmosphere. During the day, when the … Continue reading »

  • Murder Victim Name Released

    SISKIYOU COUNTY, Calif.– Siskiyou County Officials are releasing the name of the man who was murdered, Monday. They said 60-year-old Dale Bowen of Mount Shasta was attacked in his home on Birch Ln. in the vicinity of Truck Village Dr. in the early morning hours. Talent Police said 27-year-old Mathew Raye Baker was arrested in … Continue reading »

  • American held in East Timor Headed Home

    (CNN) — An American woman, jailed for months in a small southeast Asian nation, is finally heading home. According to Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley, Stacey Addison left east Timor Monday. The Portland veterinarian was on a solo two-year trip around the world when she was arrested there in September. Her mother says Addison was detained … Continue reading »

  • UO Holds Sex Assault Forum

    EUGENE, Ore. — Students, employees, and community members attended a forum at The Ford Alumni Center on the University of Oregon campus, to discuss sexual assaults on campus. Interim President Scott Coltrane says this is a culmination of all recommendations that have been made throughout the last year on how to prevent sexual assaults and … Continue reading »

  • UO Works to Vaccinate Students

    EUGENE, Ore. — A mass effort is underway on the University of Oregon campus to get 22,000 students vaccinated by the end of the week. The UO has a long way to go if they want to hit that goal. About 400 students came in to get the shot Monday. That brings the total to … Continue reading »

  • HealthWatch: Negative Napping and Kids

    HealthWatch — A new study shows a midday nap may not be as beneficial to your child as originally believed. Researchers looked at 26 studies of nap time for children ages birth to 5 years old. They found the most consistent finding among the studies was that naps lead to short and poorer quality of … Continue reading »

  • Funding for DHS Hangs In The Balance

    (CNN) — Congress has just days left to pass a bill funding the Department of Homeland Security. Last Friday, they voted to extend funding for another seven days, which runs out this Friday. Republicans and Democrats are fighting over whether the legislation should include a move to stop funding for the President’s executive actions on … Continue reading »

  • Israeli PM Addressing Congress

    (ABC) Washington, D.C. — The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to speak before Congress Tuesday morning. His anticipated speech is exposing deep tensions because it came at the invitation of Congressional Republicans, who did not involve or inform The White House. Netanyahu sought to downplay the controversy during his first appearance before a … Continue reading »

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