Yreka Murder Suspect in Custody

Yreka Creek MurdersYREKA, Ca. — A man is lodged in the Siskiyou County Jail after he was charged with the murder of Henry S. Cooper Jr. Elias Samuel Bullington, 26, of Siskiyou County was already in custody on unrelated charges, but on January 28th, the Yreka Police Department added murder charges to his record after their investigation led them to believe he could be a possible suspect in this murder.

Cooper’s body was found on July 9, 2013 near the 1000 block of Deer Creek Way along the Yreka Creek area, he was reportedly living in a transient camp there. Yreka Police said that Bullington was not a transient, however, he was living in the Yreka Creek transient camp at the time of the murder. The Police also said that Bullington had no connection with the victim.

Yreka Police officials said there were three deaths last summer in the Yreka Creek area, two were considered homicide and one was death by natural causes. Bullington is only being charged with the murder of Henry S. Cooper Jr. No names of the other victims have been released yet.  NewsWatch 12 has a reporter on scene in Yreka and we will bring you the latest on this developing case as it becomes available.