Yreka Homicide Investigation Continues

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YREKA, CA — Gloria Harbour spends her free time working on jigsaw puzzles at her home in what she describes as a quiet friendly community. Tuesday, however, she noticed red and blue lights and caution tape nearby.

“I went over to town yesterday and came back and I had seen these police cars,” said Harbour.

Tuesday afternoon, she saw local law enforcement down by Yreka Creek across the street and it reminded her of when she saw a body retrieved late last fall.

“I live right here and I can look right down on the road and I’ve seen them down there and I’ve seen them bring out the body and everything. I’ve seen the whole thing,” said Harbour.

That case has been ruled a homicide, as was the body that was found Tuesday in the same creek. Yreka police are working with the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation in the two cases.

“It’s kind of scary because I live here, because this is the second this has happened in the past couple months. It’s kind of scary because we’re all seniors here,” said Harbour.

Harbor said Deer Creek Way is quiet and typically only residents are commuting down the road, so having law enforcement in the area is unnerving.

“Everyday there are people going in and out but nothing like that until something like this happens here,” said Harbour.