Young Marines Mark Red Ribbon Week

MEDFORD, Ore. — About 25 members of Young Marines of Southern Oregon marked Red Ribbon Week by standing out in Medford’s Vogle Park.

An organization leader said they hope to create awareness by handing out information about living a drug-free life. “We’re talking about children who are devastated by the effects of drugs in their families, communities, and in their neighborhoods. It’s an issue that we are concerned about,” said Young Marine’s Michael Hoff Saturday.

This was the group’s first year celebrating in Vogle Park, but acknowledging Red Ribbon Week has been a tradition since 1985.


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  1. ed says:

    I drove by there and seen them yesterday, and even tho im all for there cause, I dont think letting small young kids run around in the street and up to the cars of strangers, is not a very smart thing to do, NO TO SAY VERY DANGERIOS. If there so concerned about these kids and im happy they are, maybe the person in charge should keep a better eye on the kids, and instruct them not to talk to strangers, like our moms and dads did. They want to raise awareness great, have a car wash, bake sale, or something, dont put your kids in harms way.

    1. Theresa says:

      I walked past them yesterday, I even stopped to talk to the staff members. The Young Marines is a great program for out youth. The staff and older young marines always keep a close eye on the younger ones. When i was a Young Marine I talked to strangers at the veterans day dinners and after parades. You thing that talking to strangers is dangerous, but you know you cant meet new people if you don’t talk to strangers. As a former Young Marine I will always support them because they changes the lives of all those around them.

      For all of the Young Marines that read this: You do have the power to change the world if you put your mind to it. I am glad you guys are trying to make a difference in other people’s lives.


    2. Travis USMC says:


      Your an idiot, there always got to be that one idiot that takes a good thing and tries to make it a bad one , i drove by twice that day , those young marines had plenty of adult staff standing right there with them , and not talking to strangers ? When your alone YES !! But in a group trying to pass out flyers and ribbons ? Come on now , what are you some pot smokin hippy ??

      Semper fi

    3. KevThom says:

      ed…you’ve been served

  2. Kelly says:

    These kids did great, and there were adults with the kids monitoring the situation. The word got out and i think the young marines did a great job of spreading drug free weakness through the community. And those who choose to bad mouth need to relook at the situation. There was an adult with each group of children and they were not just wondering the streets alone. May be if kids parent like mine did, did talk about drugs then we would have less issue s today with meth and other drugs especially with our youth. Go young marines !

  3. Travis USMC says:


    I saw plenty of their adult staff standing right there with them ,
    They were not running wild only going out to cars during red lights
    To pass out flyers , talking to strangers? When alone sure i agree
    But in a group of 30 or so come on ED , get a clue

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