Young Boy Falls From Second Story Apartment

By Rob Scott

MEDFORD, Ore. — Police say a young boy has only minor injuries after the 20-foot fall from a Medford apartment on Saturday afternoon.

Police say the mother was sitting on one end of a couch while the young child was crawling along the top the cushion. The window behind them was open and when the young boy leaned against the screen, it popped out and the boy fell from the second story apartment.

Police say the child landed on a small pile of leaves on the concrete patio below. The child was reportedly crying and had a bloody nose when police arrived. No broken bones are reported, but CAT scans are being run on the child.

“I saw her run down the stairs with nothing in her arms and I saw her run back up with a small child after she left this man’s house, so I assumed it was the baby, because it was screaming really loud,” said neighbor Andrea Halligan, who called 911.

The incident occured at the complex at 800 Ellendale Drive in south Medford. Since the mother was on the couch with the baby, and he fell in a split second, police say they don’t assume this to be child neglect. The names of both the child and the mother have not been released. Police say they are still investigating the incident.