Yard-Sale Hopping for the Homeless

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MEDFORD, Ore. – It’s a hot Summer Sunday in the Rogue Valley, and that means plenty of yard sales. But while many are hopping around looking for deals, two Medford girls – 11-years old and 9-years old – came up with a different idea, to get cheap clothes for the homeless.

“I thought maybe if my friend and I could raise some money, we could probably buy some clothing and then donate it,” said Alexis Wilkerson, standing next to her friend Haylie Orndorff.

The idea came to them after seeing homeless people around town. They say if anyone could use the protection, it’s those without a roof.

“It can get really cold, it can rain,” said Wilkerson. “It can thunderstorm,” added Orndorff.

Today, the girls are lucking out.

Just across the street from Alexis’ house on Franquette Street is a yard sale. Alexis and Haylie are getting items from there, and now they hope to become a competitor by setting up one of their own – selling their newfound trinkets to get more money so they can buy more clothes for donations.

“We have… ten pairs of shoes, plus skates, and then we have jackets,” said Orndorff. “We have a black, brown, green, and reddish.”

The girls say they’re drawing on their experience running Kool-Aid stands in the past.

And now they hope this little venture will grow.

“I might be getting some of my friends, and so that way if people come by we can make signs and all,” said Wilkerson.