Wyden Backs Away From Ryan’s Plan

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Senator Ron Wyden says a Medicare plan he proposed with Congressman Paul Ryan is not the same plan Ryan is putting forward as the vice presidential candidate.

Ron Wyden says he and Paul Ryan worked together on a Medicare proposal, but some big changes made by Ryan is making Senator Wyden back away from that plan.

Senator Wyden says he voted against the Ryan budget, and now he wants to prevent his previous work with Ryan to be negatively used by the Republican campaign. He says some have tried to use the Wyden-Ryan proposal as evidence that Paul Ryan wants to reach across the aisle for bipartisan planning.

Wyden says Ryan’s current plan is different. Wyden says the original paper he wrote with Ryan would have allowed seniors to choose from competing plans or the existing medicare plan, and include protections for low-income seniors.

Wyden says he voted against the Ryan budget proposal because it did not include safeguards to protect Medicare from rising costs in the long term. A congressional budget office report says both the current plan and the Ryan plan could both lead to reduced access and higher costs.

Another main issue dividing the two plans is the Affordable Care Act; Wyden says he supports it, and says he would not endorse any sort of plan that would mean the repeal of the ACA.