Wyden Attends Labor Day Picnic

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. – U.S. Senator Ron Wyden is headed to North Carolina for the Democratic National Convention, but before catching that flight, the local lawmaker stopped by the Rogue Valley.

“Taking away the tax breaks and shipping jobs overseas, and using those very same dollars to lower rates to what I call ‘red, white and blue’ jobs,” the senator said.

Wyden stressed it’s specific type of jobs that will be needed for a successful recovery.

“We not only need more jobs we need good paying jobs,” he said. In addition, the senator will be turning the heat up on a conversation about a unique supply.

“Very important: Oregon renewable energy sources,” the senator stated. “Particularly hydro-power and geo-thermal.”

A roar of applause followed that list of issues, but Joyce Segers, who is running for a state representative seat, says she hopes the convention can break the silence in other matters.

“Foreclosures are a really big issue that are not really being talked about,” Segers said. “People here in Oregon are hurting; we’re number three at times in foreclosures in the United States.”

Tied to that issue is another element of the American dream: Social Security. Segers wants democratic leaders to address what she believes is essential.

“In this country, to think that we would lose is unforgivable,” she said.

While Segers urges a focus to an older population, Representative Peter Buckley believes support should be tossed in another direction.

“Expand educational opportunities that translates into career opportunities for young workers in Oregon,” said Buckley. As his colleague heads out to North Carolina for a national convention, Representative Buckley believes local strategy could lend a possible solution.

“I think a balanced approach to our federal budget is the way to go,” Buckley said. “We’ve had a balance approach in Oregon, it’s working for us we are starting to move forward again.”

After sharing his ideas with that crowd of laborers, Senator Wyden quickly hopped into his car headed to catch his Charlotte-bound flight. He said Monday’s insight will help him bring Oregon issues to the forefront.