WWII Veteran Receives Overdue Honor

WWII VeteransROGUE RIVER, Ore. — A Rogue Valley veteran received recognition sixty-eight years over-due.

Arlin Stafford of Rogue River received the bronze star medal Thursday afternoon, decades after returning from serving in World War II. 5 generations were on hand at Palmerton Park in Rogue River for a short ceremony with a representative from Congressman Walden’s office.

93 year-old Arlin Stafford was presented with the honor (considered the fourth highest honor in the military) after a previous mark he earned while serving.

“In the 60’s, the army decided that every combat infantryman from world war two, who was awarded the combat badge, also raided the bronze star medal,” said John Howard, with Congressman Walden’s office.

Stafford’s wife pursued getting the medal earlier this year after hearing that it wasn’t too late to receive the recognition. Officials from Congressman Walden’s office say to contact their local office if you know a family member missing a military honor.