Wounded Soldier Returns Home

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A Southern Oregon soldier who is recovering from extensive injuries he received while fighting on the front-lines in Afghanistan, returned home for Christmas.

Clark was stationed in a district in Kandhar Province in Afghanistan. It’s where the Taliban originated from. Clark’s job was to sweep for bombs. One day, he was called to help another team.

As he made his way through a field and a mud wall, he stepped onto an IED. The explosion took part of his leg and hand. Despite his injuries, Clark said he would go back in a heartbeat.

“Army, much as I hate it, and it doesn’t make sense at times, and can’t figure anything out, Afghanistan was probably the most fun I’ve had in my life. And oh well, I lost part of my leg and part of my hand. It happens,” said Eric Clark.

“I got him home, that’s what matters. I think one of the two worst calls you could get as a parent is, ‘I’m sorry, you’ve lost your son or daughter’ and ‘your son and daughter is critically injured’. I got the better of the two,” said Eric’s father, Brian Clark.

Community members hosted a ceremony for Clark at the Klamath Union High School Gym earlier Thursday afternoon. Clark plans to be in town for about a month. Then he’ll head back to Walter Reed Army Medical Center to continue his therapy.


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  1. Jennie Ben-Dayan says:

    What an amazing attitude! You are an amazing man!

    Thank you for your service and I am SO thankful you are safe and home.

    Take care of YOU for a little while before you try to take care of all of us again, ok?

    Much love,

    The Ben-Dayan family

  2. Trish Wimpee says:

    Welcome back Soldier, we are very proud of you! Even though you don’t know me, I am glad you have served the country well. God Bless you and your loved ones ; ) Trish Wimpee, Grants Pass, OR

  3. Stan Alexander says:

    Great attitude Sir. I hope I get to meet you some day in person.
    Stan Alexander
    White City Oreogn

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