World’s Ugliest Cars Bring GMO Awareness

6-15 gmo carsMEDFORD, Ore. – Oregon’s GMO battles have been making national headlines for months, and now they’re attracting attention in the form of the world’s ugliest car.

“Are We Eating Fishy Food?” travels the country promoting GMO labeling initiatives through their eye-catching cars, boasting giant models of fruits and vegetables shaped like fish.

They say the cars, voted the world’s ugliest by NPR’s Car Talk, are meant to excite people for the GMO labelling petition that would create a ballot measure for transparent reporting of foods with genetically modified ingredients.

“Having a goofy car is really just an opportunity to start a conversation with somebody and prepare them for the misinformation that will be coming,” said Ben Harper, a driver and campaigner with the group.

According to the organization, 26 states currently have efforts underway to label GMO foods. Only Oregon and Colorado seek to do so via ballot initiative.

They say they currently have their entire fleet of cars touring Oregon, and will likely continue to keep them here through November.


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  1. tara says:

    i saw it parked at bad ass its not ugly it made me smile

  2. Annie T. says:

    This is fantastic! Great to see ingenuity and creativity bringing a serious issue to the people in a fun and informative manner. The impact of these cars is impressive and an excellent visual on just what Big Ag is putting into our food.

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