Anchor Mom: Working Motherhood Podcast

mom and kids 2I interview people every day about serious, sometimes life-threatening, situations. Who would have expected that I would have been so intimidated to be asked to answer questions during a half-hour podcast called “Working Motherhood” ?!

I think the scariest part of agreeing to the interview was the voice in the back of my head asking why I should give anyone advice about being a working mother. I don’t always feel good about the balance I strike in my personal vs. professional life. My husband will confirm how many times I answer my phone during the evenings/weekends or log onto the Internet to see how NewsWatch 12 coverage is shaping up during my days off.

But if no one speaks up about the small successes in our dual-role lives, then we can never learn from each other. What could you learn from me?

–My kids are so obsessed with the movie “Frozen” that the automatic answer when asked what my mantra is comes straight from the mouth of Elsa.

–The lunches I send to school with my kindergartner are nothing like Lunch Box Dad.¬†And as inspiring as he is, the lunch would probably be a jumbled mess by the time my daughter opened it, and I would much rather spend what little time I have at home during the week with them, instead of trying to be artistic (which I am not).

— Despite long hours and split priorities, my kids are learning some important life lessons by observing what working motherhood is like.

If you want to hear me be very real about my life as a working mom, some of the lessons I’ve learned, and how I’ve turned some low points into successes, you can listen here.


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