Working in the Heat

By Steven Sandberg

MEDFORD, Ore. — Many workers are feeling the heat as temperatures rise to the mid 90s in Southern Oregon. But as the heat increases, there’s no decrease in work for some people.

People working outside in Southern Oregon are finding ways to beat the heat and still get their work done. Workers whom NewsWatch12 spoke with said it’s never any fun having to go to work outside when the temperatures reach the 90s, but they said the work can’t be called on account of the heat, so they come up with ways around it.

Construction crews in Ashland say they alter their workday to deal with rising temperatures. Some workers will show up early when it is cooler, and move to different sides of the building away from the sun. When it gets too hot, they are focusing their work on whatever needs to be done inside. Crews building the New Caldera Brewery say the metal siding makes it almost impossible to work outside in the heat.

Construction crews aren’t the only ones. Some workers trying to drive up business have to work outside wearing thick costumes. One man wears a mattress for a costume, waving to customers outside Mattress Land in Medford. He finds ways to beat the 90-degree heat by he taking a break every half hour, staying hydrated with water bottles, and refilling his vest with ice packs.