Women of All Ages Can Access Plan B

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Women of all ages will soon have access to emergency contraception without a prescription or parent consent.

The federal government announced Monday, it’s backing up a judge’s ruling to make the morning after pill widely available. Originally, the federal government appealed a U.S. District judge ruling back in April but the government is  now dropping their case.

Advocates for girls’ and women’s rights applaud the decision, yet this ruling is being met with controversy from other women.

Some mothers say this ruling takes away their parental rights over their child.

Hillary Handelsman says she see’s both sides as a mother  and a nurse practitioner. She works with women of all ages and sees the impacts of pregnancy at a young age.

“9,10, sadly. Sadly, truly. And I’ve had 11  year-old pregnancy’s. That’s really a shame. There’s beautiful adoption stories and  beautiful experiences. But bottom line, it’s never planned for and it’s never anticipated and its always a real stressor,” said Handelsman.

Other women say this ruling provides girls with a choice.

“Because sometimes families or girls really  don’t know what else to do and if they’re caught in a situation where they need to use  it. I think it should be available,” said Riley Smith.

They say the federal governments decision may open the door for discussion about safe sex.

“I think that’s where the education comes  in. I think every family needs to talk to their  kids when it comes to sex and what they’re  using,” said Smith.

“Plan B isn’t a birth control method. It should  never be used as one and I think the  problem is kids need access to plan a. Maybe that’s part of the problem is that  there’s not enough good communication available within families. So, that kids can say, I’m going to have sex, I want to have sex  and I need a safe way to do that,” explained Handelsman.

Nurses at La Clinicia say parents can bring their child in for a one-on-one consultation. Nurses say they can ask the tough questions and provide that communication line about safe sex.

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  1. Linda Brouzes says:

    Whenever Plan B is discussed, I like to emphasize that it does NOT cause abortions. Plan B stops ovulation so a pregnancy will not occur. The oral medication that can cause an abortion to occur is not allowed to be prescribed in the US for that issue.

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