Woman Speaks About Social Security Scam

social security scam

MEDFORD, Ore. — A new scam targeting seniors is making the rounds and one Rogue Valley woman says she was a target.

Kathleen Long says she received a call from a man telling her all seniors were getting new social security cards. She says he then attempted to get more information from her by first appearing to be legitimate and asking her to confirm her address, phone number and even which banks she belongs to.

Long says she immediately called and filed a report with the social security office after the caller got nervous when she asked him some questions.

“I thought it was very overwhelming because he had so much of my personal information so I called social security, I went online, got their 800 number and called them to talk to them.”

Information on the social security administration’s websites says if a person has any doubts about a phone call, to hang up and call their toll free number to see if there is a legitimate problem.