Woman Provides Help for Homeless Pets

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — Dozens of homeless pets in Southern Oregon are no longer starving and a lot warmer this winter. One woman and her organization called “Tail Waggers Rescue” spent Christmas handing out gifts to the homeless and their pets.

“I do all the driving. I drive all the dogs to the vet, I do all the fund raising, I do all the donations,” she explained Tail Waggers Rescue founder, Marisa Modica.

She provides everything from food to veterinarian care for the animals.

“We pay for spay and neuter, we pay for vaccines, worm tests, if they test negative, we hand the medicine,” explained Modica.

She even hands out miniature horse blankets as coats for the dogs.

“They keep these dogs out of shelters. They don’t give up their dogs. and they won’t. Because they will give up housing to keep their dog and I have a lot of respect for that. If the only meal they have that day are hamburgers with no dog food, they will split that hamburger with their dog,” said Modica.

For at least one day on Christmas, the hardships of life on the streets are a big easier to bear.

“She knows how all the animals need to be treated. Yeah, and if anybody can help support Maria and Tail Waggers Rescue, I would really appreciate it because we all need help. Whether we’re homeless or not,” explained Eva Steinbach.

In addition to donations, the non-profit organization is need of supplies. Here’s Tail Waggers Rescue’s wish list:

1. Operating van with heat and air conditioning

2. Building to house animals

3. Sleeping bags

4. Tents

5. Flashlights

6. Batteries

7. Twin sized air mattresses

8. Blankets

9. Medium Plastic Crates

10. Volunteers to be foster parents

For more information on the non-profit organization, head to http://tailwaggersrescue.org/


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  1. RidgeRunner says:

    Hope she registered properly with the state.
    Couldn’t find it referenced by name on the DOJ website.http://www.doj.state.or.us/charigroup/pages/searchcharities.aspx

    1. rebecca says:

      That’s all you can say? Hoe she registered? How about – WHAT A HERO!!! So many useless people – hurting precious animals or just NOT CARING. This woman takes it ON and I applaud her for that. Wow.! If we could all be just a little less selfish.

  2. claire says:

    Ridgerunner if u can’t say anything good about someone helping the homeless dogs and their humans. then keep ur comments to urself. Maybe u should get out and help them, instead of making nasty comments. Way to go Maria, good for u, many prayers and I hope u get lots of donations from this article.

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