Wolf Creek Family Wins Lottery

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MERLIN, Ore. — A Wolf Creek couple turns dinner into a jackpot. It’s led to a new house, new car, and most importantly, financial security.

The Lil’ Pantry in Merlin is known for its deli food, that’s why Riley Gunn came in one day. He left with his dinner and a million-dollar miracle. While buying dinner for his wife and three kids at the mini-mart earlier this month, Riley Gunn decided to buy a Mega Millions ticket. Gunn said he’s not a lottery player, and just bought it on a whim. The ticket turned out to be a million-dollar winner, and after taxes, the family took home nearly $700,000.

Both Riley and his wife Misti were laid off last year and had been living on unemployment, worrying about how to get by. Now, they’ve bought a new car, iPads for their kids, and are looking to buy their first home. The couple said one of their goals is to use the money to start their own business

The Gunn family says, before the car, before the house, before they bought anything else, the first place they used their money on is paying tithing to their church. They said it was divine intervention that helped them win that prize.