Witness Shares Story After I-5 Crash

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GRANTS PASS, Ore. — The investigation continues into the deadly crash that occurred Thursday morning on I-5. Police reported that Richard Scott drove the wrong way down I-5 and hit Karen Greenstein, which resulted in her death.

As police continue their investigation, they will be interviewing several witnesses including a Grants Pass gas station attendant who said she saw Scott about 45 minutes before the accident.

Jennifer McCulloch said Scott pulled into Arco gas station around 2:30 Thursday morning. McCulloch said Scott appeared intoxicated and was stumbling and slurring his words. When she realized he would continue driving, McCulloch called police.

“As soon as I was done with my cars, he was still paying for his gas when I went inside and made the phone call. So he stumbled back outside and stood in front of the store for a minute, fell into my door, and then stumbled out to his car and tried to pump his gas again,” said McCulloch.

Oregon State Police said as the investigation moves forward, they will gathering additional evidence, create a timeline of events before and after the accident, produce a traffic reconstruction of the scene, and gathering statements from witnesses like McCulloch.