Winter Weather Supplies Fly Off Shelves

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NEAR ASHLAND, Ore. — Signs lead the way to I-5 over the Siskiyou Summit from exit 14.  Chains haven’t been required yet over the pass, but at gas stations at the last chance exit, they’re prepared for the first big freeze.

“Not so soon in the season, but eventually. They’ll be rolling in,” said Valero employee Alexandria Kellington.

While chains are stocked at gas stations, winter weather supplies are flying off the shelves at hardware stores.

“Today has been unusually busy with the cold weather products — pipe insulation, the faucet covers, all those things that you can do to protect your home,” said Lowe’s assistant manager Fred Sowers

Lowe’s saw customers after preventative products and space heaters and at Hubbard’s hardware even some big ticket “snow throwers” rolled out the door. The most notable impact, though, was in preparation for frozen driveways.

“We think we sold about two thousand pounds of ice melt today, it’s just crazy.” owner, Hubbard’s hardware Paul Seus.

An entire ton of ice melt — sold to customers ranging from car lot owners to residents with long driveways.  Each 40 pound bag that went out the door is enough to have a big impact.

“Forty pounds will do quite a bit you probably could do a couple 100 feet of driveway with it,” said Seus.

While products in preparation for snow and ice were sold Thursday, items for cold weather have been selling all week.

“We’re selling all the preventative stuff, and we’re selling some of the stuff that is maintenance, there are busted pipes out there already,” said Sowers.

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  1. Carl Paulsen says:

    Seeing the news…..SNOW DAYS?. Geez…only saying 1-3 inches in the valley. What is wrong with the school districts? I remember going to school in CP and sometimes we had anywhere from 3-8 inches and still went to school.I know in 1978….I had 12 inches in front of my house in CP and my kids went to school.

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