Strong Winter Weather Hits

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A cold front will be making its way through our region today, dropping temperatures and snow levels as it goes. Thanks to down-sloping winds overnight the Rogue Valley stayed warm and dry which kept the chance for snow out of the morning commute. As for tonight though, snow levels will drop to around 1,100 feet late today meaning the chance for more snow tonight in the valleys is once again a possibility.

As for higher elevations we’ll see feet of snow over the next several days with up to two feet in Mt. Ashland through tomorrow, with the Mt. Shasta area getting hit hardest with an increased threat for avalanches in the back country. The mountains as well as the coast and east side will see the strongest winds today with Mt. Ashland reporting wind gusts to 70 mph this morning and Crescent City peaking at 77 mph gusts. The potential for occasional blizzard like conditions will continue through today and at least tomorrow with breezy conditions possible through the weekend leading to travel hazards and reduced visibility. If headed to the high country or over mountain passes be sure to carry chains or adequate snow tires, and practice putting the chains on in a warm dry environment, you’ll thank yourself when you’re out there facing the elements putting those chains on when you need them. Also have plenty of water, a shovel, warm clothes, and a flashlight; to find out more on how to prepare for winter weather driving you can head to the weather homepage.

For the coast: winds continue through much of the day but will calm throughout the day as well as the front moves through. Large waves will be increasing through the day, especially during high tide this morning with the waves peaking tomorrow morning. The threat for beach erosion, rip currents and flooding are possible as is the potential for downed trees and power lines.

I’ll update my Facebook as time allows tomorrow morning with weather and road updates, and be sure to tune in to Newswatch 12 This Morning starting at 5 am for any road and school closures.  Stay safe and weather aware and take precaution driving through the weekend. Thanks for logging on and have happy holidays!

Meteorologist Megan Parry


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  1. B cloud says:

    It is snowing in Grants Pass, started a few minutes ago.

  2. S. W. says:

    We have 7″ and counting. I live in the Hugo area.

  3. JJ says:

    Snow mixed with rain on and off all night last night. Wet heavy snow has weighed power lines and tree branches to the point of failure. I have heard multiple eye witness reports of transformer explosions on the power lines. At around 11:00p.m. Last night I heard a loud crash and a simultaneous scream. I knew while it still happened that a large branch from the huge Oak tree in my neighbors yard had split and fell on his roof above his living room where he sat. This gentlemen is a struggling older gentlemen. I almost had his heart attack for him. The branch ripped the power main from his house. Im not sure if the power company will cover the cost of the maintenance or not, but I sure hope so. That was his only worry. Please pray for the underpriveledged.

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