Winter Storm Expected Friday Evening

ASHLAND, Ore. — There is a significant winter storm moving into the area this evening. Snow is expected to fall in Ashland tonight.

City of Ashland officials are getting equipment ready to go. Crews have about three snow plow and sanding trucks ready to head out, with a fourth one as back-up.

They say they’re not too concerned with snow tomorrow unless it freezes. Either way, city crew members are ready with equipment and staff.

“Typically we just call people in when we start getting reports of ice or snow usually in the higher elevation and then we go from there,” says Ashland Public Works Superintendent Mike Morrison.

The city of Ashland also equips their trucks with cinder in the back. They spread out little rocks on the street for traction so that whenever there’s ice or even a little bit of snow, cinder is put out to help vehicles from sliding.

Crew members say tomorrow morning they’ll most likely end up plowing the major streets in the city. Typically crews get word from Ashland Police on areas where plows are most needed.