Winter Pet Safety

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Megan talked with Carol Bryant from the Grange Co-op Pet Country about pet supplies. Carol shared with us that, ” a dog house for larger dogs that live outdoors make a perfect shelter outdoors. It’s easily cleaned, its not made of wood so it doesn’t absorb the moisture. A pet mat and the water bowl and they have these chew-proof cables and these will help protect your pet, give them fresh water that’s warm enough for them to drink. And the heat mat works, if they lay on it it starts generating heat, if they don’t it stays cool and saves you electricity. Alpaca’s, horses, cattle they all need to have in the cold weather and a run-in shelter is good too where they can get out of the cold.”

Another way to keep your pet warm are sweaters that dogs can wear inside or outside. And boot protectors for your dog will protect them like if you went out to get your christmas tree or out walking out on a sidewalk that has salt on it, you don’t want that in their paws.

Megan also talked to the pet safety specialist at the Jackson County Animal Shelter, and they say cold weather outside shouldn’t keep your pet from getting enough exercise. You still want to exercise your dog because they are still going to have the same energy levels, you just want to make sure that they’re warm, and that you’re reading them. If they seem cold , warm them up.  You always want your your dog at a good body weight, and you always want to make sure they have fresh water, not frozen, fresh water at all times. If you think that your dogs losing weight or their not drinking enough or eating enough during the winter definately contact your veterinarian.

Driving with your pets can be an issue any season, you want to make sure they are secure in your car.  Carol recommended to harness your dog and showed us a product that uses your seatbelt to help you. You put the harness on the dog, put the seatbelt through it. She also had a little pet bed that can go in the seat for your smaller dogs. It has a clip that clips on their collar and also keeps them safe and sound inside.