Wine Growlers Get a Second Chance

WINE GROWLERSAPPLEGATE, Ore. — Oregon merchants are now allowed to sell growlers to their customers again, and local wineries say this is good for the environment and their business.

Whether local merchants could sell growlers has been up in the air for the past couple of months. While the Oregon Wine Growler law was passed a year ago, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau recently made a ruling that if you were going to be a growler filling location, you would have to have a bottling license and follow all regulations in place for wine bottling operations.

On Friday, the bureau reversed its ruling, making it where places could once again fill growlers without a license.  Wooldridge Winery was one of the main wine makers who made this change take place.

the Oregon Wine Board… The Oregonsaid Greg Paneitz wine maker and owner of Wooldridge Creek Winery.

Paneitz said the growlers will also help wineries by giving them another avenue to sell wine on tap.