“Wine Growler Bill” Passes Oregon House

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RUCH, Ore. — Local vineyards are raising a glass after the so-called “wine growler bill” passed in the House with a unanimous vote.

House Bill 2443 has both wineries and consumer excited about future possibilities. The bill passed the House on Wednesday without a single vote against it.

House Bill 2443 would allow consumers to fill re-usable containers, up to two gallons, with wine. Local wineries say this would have a positive impact for their business, their consumers, and the environment.

Officials at Valley View Winery in Ruch say should the bill become law, they would get started as soon as they could by having a keg of white and possibly red wine available in their wine tasting room.

The owner of Valley View Winery, Michael Wisnovsky, says this is something his father wanted to do years ago and thinks the potential change would to open his winery up to more business opportunities.

“We can get the wine directly to the customer in a very efficient manor without having to go through all of the container, the glass, the label, the corks, you know all those things, the trucking and all that will be eliminated,” said Wisnovsky.

Valley View Winery officials say if the bill passes, fewer bottles, corks and labels will be used, which saves money and helps the environment. The next step for the bill is to have the senate vote on it, where local wineries think will pass with little opposition.