Winds Could Impact Fires Today

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High pressure ridging will flatten out today over the Northwest, meaning the storm track will inch further south into our region. This is going to allow the storm door to swing open to our north. A front will push through Oregon and Washington, helping to bring in some clouds tonight and some cooler temperatures for the weekend.

As a result, temperatures will gradually cool through Sunday. Highs will be noticeably cooler by tomorrow. Ahead of both of these fronts, winds will pick up ..making for a breezy afternoon Friday and Saturday. With winds between 10 and 20mph and gusts up to 35 mph, crews will likely have a tough time battling fires.

The extensive heat released from the Happy Camp Complex yesterday led to a stunning view of pyrocumlus clouds region-wide. Although today will be a bit cooler than Thursday, it’s quite possible we’ll see more pyrocumulus develop in this location.

If you’re planning to head out to local lakes or ponds this holiday weekend, be aware of aircraft flying around. Choppers and planes will be gathering water and it would be helpful if boaters and swimmers can do their best to stay out of their way. If you see aircraft, get out of the water or head to the side of the lake.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese