Wildlife Protection Decision For Klamath

KLAMATH BASIN, Ore. — A decision has been made on a quarter of a century old proposition, affecting water rights and use in the Klamath Basin.

The federal government has designated a network of irrigation reservoirs and rivers in Southern Oregon and Northern California, as critical habitat for two types of sucker fish.

Farmers have been at odds with conservation groups for years, over limited water resources in the basin. The conservation group, Oregon Wild, say they are not happy with the new area, because it is much smaller than one they proposed 24 years ago.

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  1. Felice Pace says:

    Not just Oregon Wild but many conservationists and organizations whichj care about the Klamath River Basin are unhappy with the cuts to Critical Habitat for these species because they are part of a broader effort to insulate federal irrigation interests in the Lost River Basin from responsibility for restoring the Lost River Sucker to the Lost River. In fact, this is part of the KBRA Water Deal which was enginbeered by and is now being implemented by federal bureaucrats. The Deal includes making the Lost River Basin (except for federla lands at the very top) a sacrifice zone where the ESA does not apply and irrigators are able to ignore water quality, riparian protection….caring at all for the Lost River.

    Please give your audience a more complete view of what is really going on in the Klamath River Basin

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